biography in english

Hiroshi Soma

1972 born in tokyo ,lives and works in Tokyo,japan.
1994-1996 studied painting at central art school

2004 Honorable Mention Award at the shinsho exhibition

<Solo exhibitions>
2011 Hiroshi Soma solo exhibition “secret space”,gallery HALCA,Tokyo japan
2009 Hiroshi Soma solo exhibition, K’s gallery, Tokyo japan

<Competition >
2004 Musashino Art Grand Prize Exhibition
1998 Tama Synthesis Art Exhibition

<Group exhibitions>
2012 ARTFILE Exhibition Berlyn,Berlyn germany
2011 20 Young Japanese Artists 2011 in New York Exhibition,New York USA
2011 Abstract art exhibition in the future,Tokyo japan (2011~2009)
2011 Yubi exhibition,Tokyo japan (2011~2007)
2010 UZU exhibition, Tokyo japan(2010~2007)

<International art fair>
2011 verge art brooklyn art fair,New York USA
2011 Gwanghwamoon international art festival
2011 Asia international art fair
2011 Shanghai international salon art fair
2010 Korea international art fair
2010 Uzbekistan art festivity modern art Tashkent exhibition
2010 Chintao Asia international art fair